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Special Projects

Special projects must have an exclusive set of detailed goals and technical requirements that demand assembling a specialized mix of core team members and other stakeholders. Successful project management involves continuous leadership of the team beginning with project planning and development. The key to success is formed in the early stages. Success is sustained through complete project delivery and control.

This Team of goal-oriented specialist has been developed for timely execution, implementation and completion of timely successful project delivery.

The delivery team created for each project is specific to the professional disciplines and technical circumstances related to the scope involved. Delivery team(s) will vary depending on the extent of the project and level of difficulty. Delivery team members are identified in the written Project Management Plan, and typically will include a project manager (major stakeholder), technical specialist, and carefully chosen associates to ensure timely completion of all tasks. The project Manager will work exclusively with the client representative to develop all strategies, this ensures proper communication and all expectations clearly defined. The PM will define roles and responsibilities of each delivery team member to ensure an integrated team effort that will result in projects that are on time, in budget, function properly, and meet the client representative’s expectations.

Some practical ways to approach developing a proactive performance program for a project include:

  • Assure that a communication loop occurs, and information is shared with all stakeholders
  • Establish specific objectives and priorities that will drive concepts
  • Review "Lessons Learned" to leverage corporate knowledge and assure past mistakes are not repeated
  • Document all performance expectations
  • Institute a quality assurance program
  • Understand the role of Facility Management and Operations
  • Keep location manager in the communication loop

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