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The trim in your house enhances each room by adding simple elegance and character. Adding a chair rail to your dining room will give your walls increased beauty as it provides protection for your walls. Crown molding added to any room adds sculptural definition and visual interest to a usually characterless space, your ceilings. And thresholds are used at areas where the floor changes, for example from carpet to tile. The threshold not only adds style, but it also is used for safety to prevent tripping when transferring from one surface to another.

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Angular Trim

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Residential Trim

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Backlit Moulding

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Doorway Trim

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Multi-Level Ceiling

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Foyer Moulding

Slide 8

Living Room Before

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Living Room After

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Entryway: Before

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Entryway: After

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Bedroom: Before

Slide 14

Bedroom: After

Slide 15

Windows: Before

Slide 16

Windows: After

As you can see, professionally installed trim work in your home can be a simple but striking addition to many areas of your home. We have experience installing trim in all areas of your home and we can even make suggestions as to which type of trim will look best in certain areas.

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